August LUG meet

Whether you know or not, there exists, in Delhi/NCR, a totally non-secretive, and open to all community, consisting of students, free-lancers, entrepreneurs, engineers or just individuals who are geeks at their hearts. The Linux User Group of Delhi. Sure, different people call it by different names in different areas eg ILUGD, IITD-LUG, ALiAS, JMILUG but the crowd that comes forward upon hearing the call for a meeting from any of those is essentially the same, besides some new faces who are kindled and welcomed with open arms.

The geeks are naturally in front of their computer screens most of the time and are almost always connected via facebook groups, google groups, mailing lists, IRC channels etc, however, they have now made it a tradition to meet in person at least once a month. Such meets are appropriately called Geek Meetups and members from in and around Delhi gather at one location to interact, network, share knowledge by means of short informative talks, or hunt for talent / jobs etc.

Such a meet was organized and hosted within the premises of my Alma Mater, by the members of its Linux club called the Amity Linux Assistance Sapience (or ALiAS in short). So naturally, I was there.

I have been to college a couple of times after the concluding ceremony, you know the one after which you are no longer required to pay any attention to nagging issues like classes, assignments, examinations or even going to college for that matter. So yes, I had visited the campus a few times in the recent past and experienced the most extraordinary and contradictory of emotions: gloomy happiness, joy with a tinge of sadness ... A smile involuntarily appears on my face while a sinking feeling reminds that none of the faces that I was so accustomed to find looming in various corners are there to be seen. Familiar land strange inhabitants.

But then I met the members of ALiAS, and the sinking feeling seeped away. It was the first time that the present team of ALiAS had organized such an event - after we the seniors departed. I was surprised to find myself relaxed and unworried while they handled the event management issues -which used to be my headache an year ago. After witnessing the excellent manner in which they planned, tackled and solved every detail, hurdle and problem, I am sure that the club will not only thrive and survive but will become the legend to which we will refer with reverence.

To the present team of ALiAS: Well Done, Good Show, and all the very best for your future endeavors.


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