Travelog: Unplanned weekend excursion

In February this year, I along with my colleagues, visited Rishikesh, while we were out on the pretext of attending another's marriage. The breathtaking beauty got me addicted, and I knew I had to get back soon.

The NGO classes which usually keep me busy on Sundays are having a session break and I didn't have anything critical to be taken care of on Saturday. I decided to get away from the city for the weekend. At 5 in the evening on friday, I booked a ticket for Haridwar via redbus. Got home by 9, packed a bag with essentials and a towel [never hitchhike without one ;)] and was at the bust stop by 11. The bus left from Kaushambi within half an hour and the next morning I found myself in Haridwar.

I tried freshening up in a Sulabh but the cleanliness got better of me. Went to a hotel nearby, paid a hundred bucks for using one of the rooms or bathrooms primarily. Once that was taken care off, I just as randomly called one of my college friends, who lives in Dehradun and had invited me long ago, when the weekends weren't so ... mine. I said I was in Haridwar and was wondering whether to go to Rishikesh or come over to Dehradun. In another 30 minutes I was no a bus going to Dehradun. I hadn't ever been to Doon before, let alone his house and he had gone to sleep after a long work night and was not picking up my calls. Stranded at I ISBT, fruitlessly trying to call common acquaintances I had almost made up my mind to go to Rishikesh when I thought of searching for the name of his tech-startup that he is currently running out of his place. And voila, google uncle told me his address.

The long night ride on what they call an AC Delux bus (which is in no way comfortable) had me exhausted and I slept through the afternoon. Later in the evening we went out for a short excursion on my friend's uncle's old bajaj scooter ... met another friend and went further for a short ride on Mussoorie road. On Sunday, we had planned to visit Raipur but had to cancel that and instead we caught a bus to Mussorie. Walked along the Mall road, having burger and paranthas at non descript small shops. Discussions about random tech stuff over coffee with a priceless view of the hills was just amazing ... reminded of the hackathons we had in hostel.

With promises (more to myself) to be back soon I left from there and just managed to catch my bus. And here I am, back in my apartment, typing what to the best of my knowledge is my first travelogue.


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