Anuvrat Parashar

Who is Anuvrat?

An ever evolving amalgamation of his deeds, which he had to do in order to obtain the liberty of doing things he wanted to do.

Here is some unnecessary trivia about him.

Makes a living writing software, automating things and talking about it.

Communicates with computers primarily in Python, can also speak Haskell, Golang and Lua, quite frankly.

Has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering which no one has ever asked to see.

Credits the mentors he found in the open source community for his success more than the teachers his parents paid for.

Volunteers for PyCon India, PyDelhi, ILUGD and tries to give back to the community what he has taken from it.

Devotes a few hours weekly to ALiAS, a campus linux user group he started in 2010.

Switched from being a Software Engineer to entrepreneur in 2016 starting Essentia.

Drinks too much coffee.

Reads less than he would like to ever since his kindle took its last breath. Got another kindle, has been reading more since then.

Prefers living and working from somewhere in the hills of Himachal and occasionally visits the city to attend meetups or scavenge for work.

Despite the best efforts of his parents to name him uniquely, he has to roam the badlands of the Internet under the assumed alias of bhanuvrat.

Date: 2018-08-30 Thu 00:00

Author: Anuvrat Parashar

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